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Why I built "Tell Granddad" ⋆ Tell Granddad

Why I built “Tell Granddad”

At the age of seventy-four it is, I suppose common to think about one’s legacy.  There are questions that must be asked whether we want the answer or do not want the answer.  Those questions are timeless and ubiquitous.  I wish that I had started thinking about these earlier in my life.  Perhaps I would not have been such an asshole.

Have I loved and been loved?

Have I left the Earth a better place than I found it?
Have I laughed, danced, made music, and recited poetry?
All-in-all, have I been the best person that I could be?
Have I lived life with a never ending sense of wonder?
Have I helped others to have better lives?
Have you said “I’m sorry I was wrong” to those who deserve it?
Is the world a better place because of me, Did my life matter?
Have I risked everything because it was “the right thing to do”?
Did I learn something new everyday?
Did I stand up and speak out when everyone else was silent?
For what will I be remembered?
Who will cry for me?




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