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Your generation was the first one born to a dying planet. ⋆ Tell Granddad

Your generation was the first one born to a dying planet.

Rage, rage against the dying of the planet.

I have read copious ink smears on wood pulp that decry Generation Z’s problems stemming from, connectivity, then a page later about their isolation.  I have read about depression and detachment. among my grandchildren.  One feature of your lives that is seldom touched upon is the fact that the planet to which you were whelped is, as Homo Sapiens have know it since our species began, poisoned and despoiled and in danger of not being humanly habitable.  This is the number problem facing Generation Z.  The iPhone,tablet, and depression do not threaten your day to day existence.  The results of rapid global climate change are a clear and present danger.  The oceans are not only washing over our coastal habitats but the rains from those warm oceans are inundating our inland areas of agricultural production.  Unstable air masses are wrecking havoc with tornadoes and lightning storms. Our forests are drying out.  Cactus in our deserts are starting to die from lack of moisture.  You guys are in deep doodoo.

It is unproductive to get in a pissing contests with troglodytes concerning the causes of this catastrophe.  What is important, in fact, is to plan to survive and thrive under these apocalyptic circumstances.  You as a self-regulating organism must have shelter, clean air, and water.  It is not so easy as we are poisoning the air at a rate that is truly incalculable.Cities in arid zones, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas are using water at 750% of available aquifer replacement. Shelter is dicey.  Shelter in the heat will require air-conditioning which requires further carbon pollution as will shelter in frigid climates for heat production..  Runaway human population numbers are going to increasingly tax our ability to dispose of their wastes and provide nutrition.  I know that this is a heavy information dump.  But it is all ,manageable by taking a deep breath.

According to Trends in Ecology and Evolution we can expect critical irremediable changes in our planets biological mechanisms. Result of long term studies (view above graph, please without fainting) suggest the following changes.

  • The extension of species’ geographic range boundaries towards the poles or to higher elevations by progressive establishment of new local populations.
  • The extinction of local populations along range boundaries at lower latitudes or lower elevations.
  • Increasing invasion by opportunistic, weedy and/or highly mobile species, especially into sites where local populations of existing species are declining.
  • Progressive decoupling of species interactions (e.g. plants and pollinators) owing to mismatched phenology, especially where one partner is cued by day length (which will not change) and the other partner is cued by temperature.

As you can see in the graph,Your generation was born to a different climate than my generation. .  Interesting that the chart accelerates co-morbid to the discovery and use of petroleum.