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You are getting sleepy. ⋆ Tell Granddad

You are getting sleepy.

Sleepless in Lampasas

I tend to differ from other people.  After living with me for 74 years I realize that I am a little different.  I am going to give you a lot of anecdotal information about how I handled sleeplessness.  You are going to have to stop the self-deception and think rationally to make any of this work.

 Are you being bothered by a particular thought or problem that you can identify in a sentence or two that is gnawing your insides keeping you awake?

If so, that is a good beginning. You now have a subject (actor) and a predicate (action).  Now, identify the nominative actor.  Is it you, or someone or something else?

 If it is you, analyze: is there anything you can do to make a positive outcome by either changing your approach to the action or modify the impact of the problem.

If you can change the outcomes, get up and make your changes then, shelf the problem and commence again in the morning.

If you cannot obtain a positive outcome, FIDO (Fnark It Drive On) This falls under the umbrella of “what will be will be”.  So, get some sleep and cut the Z-Z-Zs.

If it is someone else as the actor, they are going to do whatever it is they are going to do whether you sleep or not.  So, fuhgeddaboudit hit close your eyes get some sleep and be refreshed and invigorated when the SHTF.

If you cannot identify an actor-action problem and if the reason seems diffuse and your thoughts are racing, you must get control of your thought process.  I know easier said than done.

 My favorite trick is writing the screen-play and directing the action shots of as movie starring me.  I do this all in my head while lying in bed with my eyes closed.  I have to gather the strings and keep from drifting back in to my attention deficit hyperactive BS.  This usually works, and I fall asleep during a romantic scene.  It takes me 5 to 10 years to write one before I have to find a new movie.

A second trick that works for me (use cautiously as you can easily piss off everyone in your house) is to get up and do something productive.  This is easier in era of total connectivity across the world.   Time zones don’t matter so much anymore.  Several years ago, in the early seventies, I pissed of a neighbor by building a bookshelf and running my power saw.  I therefore recommend only using a computer or a pencil while doing productive work.

Thirdly (I invent words when I need them.  Given my arrogant erudition, who will challenge me?) Plan sleep into your schedule, what no schedule, make one.  It doesn’t have to be complex and look like Elon Musk’s daily schedule.  You must set a consistent rest time so that your circadian clock is set to respect that schedule.  A simple bedtime at 10, or 11 PM would be excellent.  A bedtime of midnight is reasonable.  Plan to get a minimum of 4 hours of sleep.  That can be divided into 2 hours at night and eight 15-minute catnaps during the remaining 22 hours or any other combination.

My final observation is (yes, I know I am an old man, old enough to be your parents’ grandfather.  I know that I am alive through the miracle of modern pharmacology) keep yourself clean as far as chemicals go.  No prescription drugs, no over the counter drugs, no recreational drugs, no tobacco products, no booze, and no holistic compounds.  Your conscious self must be in unaltered and unadulterated contact with your inner self.

Music with lyrics you know, and love played at just threshold hearing level are magic.  You become relaxed and in a better frame of mind when you hear rhyming language whatever language that might be. The rhythm and melody can be anything with which you are comfortable. (I plug my headphones in and listen to 12 string guitar, dobro, dulcimer or acoustic blues).  This works for me today whenever pain breaks through my conscious barriers at bedtime.