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Job, Career, Profession, or Gig which is right for you? ⋆ Tell Granddad

Job, Career, Profession, or Gig which is right for you?

Definition of terms

A profession is more than a job.  It is a paid occupation, specifically one that involves prolonged complex training and a formal university level education as a minimum qualification. Examples are engineers, physicians, accountants, registered nurses, and military officers.
A job is any situation where you trade labor, either physical, INTELLECTUAL, or both for a medium of exchange (money)
A gig is a job lasting longer than five minutes and less than one year.
A career is a job or profession which has the breadth and depth of a lifelong occupation with increasing complexity

Up front advice:

Learn to code in a relevant language (i.e. Java, HTML, iOS, or Python)  When I was in college, they taught us FORTRAN and we used a key punch machine to punch rectangular holes in indexed cards which ran the program on the computer.  Since graduation, I have never once used FORTRAN nor have I ever seen a computer that used key-carded input.  The moral of this story is: If you are going to learn a computer programming language, choose one that is relevant and is to some degree future proof.

Learn to read, write, and speak a language other than your native language.  Power languages today are English, Chinese both Cantonese and Mandarin, and Russian.  In the very near future consider learning Hindi, Spanish, Swahili and Amharic.

There have been many occupations that have disappeared in my life both professions and old-time career work.  Has anyone seen a a milk man lately or a clerk in a video store?  You have to look at real-life situations.  The market for keyboard input operators is declining even though computer information systems are growing at geometric complexity.  The simple reason is that we have new ways of input other than flying fingers.  So, as a career choice don’t become a computer operator/ programmer, become a software engineer or electronic engineer.  Consider wellness.  People get sick everyday.  People eat everyday.  People poop and pee everyday.  The Earth gets warmer every day.  Sell beach wear in Greenland.  More on this later……